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Fab @40: Lose weight while making tea

Are you among those who complain of no time for workouts? I’m one of you. I mean I used to be. With  a 9-6 job that requires a two-way journey of 34 Km on Bengaluru’s hell roads, my complaint was justified. But that was until I found a way out. Now with the same job, i have enough time for myself, son’s homework and cooking. How? I thought every mom in the 40 club must know that.

My mornings are not certainly meant for yoga or stretches, forget a walk. Time just flies by the time the lunch boxes for my son and myself are packed. But still there is scope for some stretches.

So, while making tea. What do you do till the water is boiled and tea brewed? Stare at the vessel or plan cooking? I make use of that empty time. I normally do side stretches till the tea is done. Sometimes my tea waits for me to finish my stretches. The same goes for making sabjis. Got it?

Steps to do side stretches

1. Keep some 2 ft distance between your legs. Stand straight

2. Now Bend side words touching your feet while rising the other hand. Breathe in.

3. Breathe out as you return to the standing position.

3. Repeat it for the other side. Feel the crunch on waist